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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Handling Trash At A Food Truck Festival: Three Helpful Tips

Renee Ramirez

Food truck festivals offer a way for vendors to introduce their menus to the community, and they also provide a great event for people to enjoy with friends and family. However, a successful food truck event does require some trash management. Here are some steps you can use to keep the festival tidy and even help reduce waste. 

Small Dumpsters

Even with reducing the amount of food waste produced by your event, you will still need dumpsters to handle non-recyclable trash. Instead of renting one large dumpster for all the food trucks to share, consider renting several smaller ones. Ask vendors to share a dumpster with their neighbor throughout the event. By using several smaller dumpsters, you can prevent or reduce the need for emptying the containers. This means less trash piling up and a neater, cleaner festival. Place the dumpsters behind the trucks, but be sure to leave plenty of space to keep the trash far from the food prep and dining areas.

Organic Food Waste Bins

Any event that showcases food will result in food waste. Uneaten portions of food typically end up in a dumpster, which then goes to the local landfill. You can help reduce the environmental impact of your food truck event by positioning organic food waste bins throughout the festival grounds. These bins can be collected by your dumpster rental company and sent for composting. This means the food waste will be turned into a nutrient-rich compost that can be used to fertilize the earth for planting. Ask your rental company for bins as part of your contract, and place them near trash bins at entrances and around the dining area. You may also want to provide larger bins for each food truck to use. By filling bins with food waste, you can reduce the amount of trash that goes into your dumpsters.

Compostable Dinnerware

As part of your plan to reduce waste and manage trash at your food truck festival, consider encouraging each food truck vendor to use compostable plates, cups, napkins, and silverware. When diners are done with their meals, they can deposit any leftover food and the dinnerware into the same compost bin. This helps simplify the process of tossing trash and helps prevent your dumpsters from becoming too full. As a way to encourage the food trucks, offer each vendor a discount on the truck rental space at your event if compostable serving pieces are used. The vendors may even find that they are willing to make a permanent switch after a trial run at your food truck event.

Be sure to discuss your trash disposal and composting plan with a dumpster rental company. You'll want to be sure you and your vendors understand which items can be composted and which items need to be disposed of in dumpsters or recycling containers.


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