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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

3 Important Reasons To Outsource COVID-19 Business Sanitization Services

Renee Ramirez

COVID-19 initially presented many cleaning concerns and left business owners wondering how to ensure they had the best disinfection practices in place. Nowadays, a lot more is known and most businesses are taking proactive steps to reduce the spread of the virus. However, as the number of cases seems to dwindle, it might cause some owners and decision-makers to wonder if they can handle their sanitization in-house. The following points identify key reasons to outsource COVID-19 business sanitization services.


There are several modes of transmission of the virus. Touching contaminated surfaces is among the top. Some businesses have unique challenges because they have employees and customers who frequent their locations. This can lead to the virus, which can survive for hours and days, on many surfaces. Individuals who touch contaminated surfaces may get infected or touch other surfaces and spread the virus. In-house janitors may not have the training to correctly disinfect surfaces. This can lead to ineffective practices. Standard cleaning products may not kill the virus. This means that a building may appear to be clean yet be seriously contaminated. Routine disinfection kills the virus and prevents the spread. Standard cleaning may permit it to thrive and spread.


Some businesses are located in jurisdictions that have local guidelines that must be adhered to. However, there are also compliance standards that are set forth by OSHA and the CDC. Companies must stay abreast of changes in compliance standards or risk serious consequences such as forced closures, sanctions, or fines. Choosing a COVID-19 disinfection service to handle the disinfecting will relieve business owners of having to wonder if they are meeting the requirements. 

Better Productivity

Employees will likely perform better when they do not have to worry about whether or not they are working in a safe environment. They can focus more on what they were hired to do if they are not expected to disinfect on their own or have to wonder if it has been done. Frequent disinfection may reduce the chances of an outbreak occurring in a business and causing several employees to get sick. The decontamination processes after an outbreak might require mandatory closing for a period of time. This may result in lost revenue due to not being open, and it could also lead to loss of business from concerned consumers. 

A COVID-19 disinfection provider is a good resource to use to identify more reasons it is best to seek services from qualified sanitation companies. They can help you to identify the best schedule and services for your organization. 

For more information, contact a local sanitation company such as Tierra Environmental & Industrial Services.  


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