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Protect Your Bottom Line: How To Make Your New Diesel Truck More Fuel Efficient

Renee Ramirez

Now that you're responsible for your own rig, you need to find ways to control the operating costs, which includes fuel. If you're spending too much on diesel fuel, you'll be cutting into your profits. When you're an owner/operator, you can't afford to cut into your profits. Even if you've invested in a new truck, there are still steps you can take to improve your fuel efficiency. Here are some simple tips that will help you to improve the fuel efficiency of your new diesel truck. 

Cut The Warm-Ups Short

If you're in the habit of allowing extended warm-up periods for your truck, it's time to make some changes. Extended warm-ups let you use the heater quicker, which is helpful during the winter. But, that's where the benefits end. You might not realize this, but the longer you let your truck warm up, the more diesel fuel you'll burn. Unfortunately, that means you'll spend more on your fuel costs. To get the most mileage out of your diesel fuel, cut down on the warmups. 

Choose Portable Cooling

If you're going to be doing long-haul shipments during the summer, you may be planning to use your air conditioner to keep your cabin cool. If that's the case, you might be undermining your fuel efficiency. Running the air conditioner in your truck can increase the fuel consumption, which is why you need to change the way you cool things down. The best way to do that is to invest in a portable cooling solution. A portable air conditioner will plug directly into your truck, and provide an efficient way to keep you cool while you drive. Best of all, it won't affect your fuel mileage. 

Utilize The Cruise Control

If your new truck is equipped with cruise control, take advantage of the option. Not only does cruise control let you rest your foot on long hauls, it also helps to control fuel costs. That's because cruise control allows for a consistent use of fuel. As an added benefit, cruise control reduces your chances for speeding tickets.

Increase The Aerodynamics

Finally, if you want to ensure good fuel mileage for your new truck, don't forget about aerodynamics. When trucks aren't aerodynamic, they can endure unnecessary drag. Unfortunately, excess drag reduces fuel efficiency. Reduce your fuel costs by increasing the aerodynamics. You can do that by adding vented mud flaps, wheel covers, and side skirts to your new diesel truck.

Contact a company, such as United Oil, for more information. 


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