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Top Safety Practices You Should Follow When Filling Your Dumpster

Renee Ramirez

The regular residential waste services may be enough to deal with the waste from your daily household activities. However, sometimes the trash accumulates quickly, such as during a home renovation project. An ideal way to handle such waste is by getting dumpster rentals. Dumpster rentals offer a reliable and efficient solution for dealing with a large amount of waste. However, it is crucial to learn the proper and safe ways to load trash into the dumpster to ensure safety around your property. Read on to find out the safety tips to keep in mind when hiring a dumpster.

Find an Appropriate Location

Most people dealing with residential renovation projects tend to put their dumpsters on the driveway. However, there should be a safe distance between the house and the dumpster to avoid potential hazards to the people living in your home. Also, this distance should not be too far that it inconveniences the workers. Another consideration to make is the truck clearance space needed when the dumper is being emptied.

Put on the Proper Safety Equipment

It is common for contractors dealing with construction and renovation projects to put on safety equipment. Professional construction workers put on hard hats and boots, gloves, eye protection, and reflective clothing. The problem is that most people don't think such safety equipment and clothing are necessary when managing waste. However, debris from renovation projects includes various things, from drywall to glass pieces. Therefore, sharp and heavy objects can be hazardous if you don't have the right safety equipment.

Clear the Area Around the Dumpster

When people deal with certain projects, such as roofing renovations, most tend to throw the debris into the dumpster from the top. For this reason, no person or animal should be around the dumpster area. Also, teach the workers some communication signals they can use around the work area. That way, you can prevent the trash from injuring anyone. It is also vital to keep checking the area around the dumpster and clear any waste around before it accumulates on the ground.

Distribute the Weight Evenly

Ensure the weight in the dumpster is evenly distributed when filling it. Never fill one corner of the container with heavy contents. That's because the uneven distribution of the weight makes the dumpster unstable, increasing its chances of tipping over. Unevenly distributing the weight also increases the risk of accidents when the trash removal team transports the dumpsters.

Getting a dumpster rental for your home improvement projects will help you easily manage the waste. However, you should follow the proper safety practices to reduce the risk of accidents around your property. Ensure you hire a reliable dumpster company.

Reach out to a local dumpster rental service to learn more.


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